Airways DancingNot so long ago or far away, in a tiny South Philadelphia apartment with a guitar and a bottle of shiraz, Airways came to life. Originally formed as a songwriting project by guitarist Adam Lefkowitz and vocalist Sanna, a sound emerged that is hook driven, heartfelt, relatable and yet still somehow edgy.

As interest grew in the tunes, bassist Rob Bernas was added to the mix and the group began captivating live audiences with their musical charm. The reception was so positive, Airways decided to hit the studio and make a record!

That brings us to the here and now. Airways, along with producer Derek Chafin, have been working hard to bring you a lush, dynamic roller coaster ride of emotion. Check out the infectious first single, “Spectacle”. It will be stuck in your head for days.

These are exciting times for our little Philly grown trio – and it only gets better from here. Airways’ full length debut record is due to drop soon.